12oz in-cup drinks supplied across the UK

Welcoming small and large orders and offering a nationwide delivery service, Advanced Vending Services Ltd are the name to call if you’re looking for 12oz fresh in-cup drinks supplies. All our 12oz in-cup drinks have a foil seal covering the ingredients to ensure maximum freshness. Our 12oz in-cup drinks supplies are suitable for sports stadiums, newsagents, takeaway shops, in-flight catering and much more.

Choose from your favourites including

  • PG tips
  • Café Direct chocolate
  • Bovril
  • Douwe egberts Black
  • Douwe Egberts White
  • Douwe Egberts Cappuccino
  • Cadburys Chocolate

If you need the individual prices or need vending machine ingredients in bulk, please get in touch with us today.

12oz in-cup fresh sealed product list

12oz PG Tips Tea Bag

(15 x 10)
Black/ white

12oz Cafédirect luxury hot chocolate

(15 x 10)

12oz Bovril supersize catering drinks

(15 x 10)

12oz Thick and Creamy Vegetable soup

(15 x 10)

12oz Thick and Creamy Tomato soup

(15 x 10)

12oz Thick and Creamy Chicken soup

(15 x 10)

Tate & Lyle sugar
(6 x 1kg)
12oz Douwe Egberts ``Pure Gold`` black coffee

(15 x 10)

12oz Douwe Egberts ``Pure Gold`` white coffee

(15 x 10)

12oz Douwe Egberts Cappuccino

(15 x 10)

Cadbury Chocolate

(15 x 10)

12oz Douwe Egberts Latte

(15 x 10)

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