SnackBreak dealer in Nottingham

The SnackBreak is an extremely reliable, very high capacity and highly flexible snack machine which can easily be configured to accommodate individual client requirements. Featuring attractive DarenthMJS styling, it performs extremely well as a “stand alone” unit or can be banked with other DarenthMJS hot and cold machine options. The optional 4 selection can module enhances overall capacity and increases the user’s choices even further.

Features of SnackBreak

  • User friendly programming and operation
  • Double glazed, thermally insulated display panel
  • Easy fill tray system
  • Individual price setting for all products
  • Easy clean trays with chrome effect spirals
  • Quadruple locking points on main door for extra security
  • Crystal clear lighting system for maximum display impact

In addition to SnackBreak machines, we also have SnackBreak Mini versions – get in touch with us to find out more.

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