Nationwide supply of drinks from leading brands

At Advanced Vending Services Ltd, we stock in-cup drinks from the leading brands including Nescafe, PG Tips, Douwe Egberts and Cadbury.

Pick ‘N’ Mix election available

You can pick any 12 sleeves of your choice, rather than buy a full case of the same drink!

We'll supply the drinks to stock your vending machines

Offering a fantastic range of branded drinks and a nationwide delivery service, if you have an enquiry on our 73mm in-cup drinks supplies, call Advanced Vending Services Ltd today on 0845 430 7123.

Our drinks will fit most machines including Klix, Darenth, Eurocup etc for your peace of mind. If you’re in doubt, please get in touch with our friendly team with the make of your machine and we will be happy to help you. We also offer 76mm in-cup drink and 12oz in-cup drinks supplies.

Our product list

Nescafe Gold Blend
Black £34.80
White £36.80
Extra white £38.80
White with sugar £40.80
Nescafe Gold Blend Decaffeinated
White £39.80
Black £38.80
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold
White £36.55
Black £34.55
White with sugar £40.55
Kenco Rich
Black £35.55
White £36.55




Nescafe Cappuccino


Douwe Egberts Cappuccino


Nescafe Gold Latte


Chai Latte

(12 x 20)


PG Tips
White £33.80
Black £33.30
White with sugar £36.70
White £32.70
Black £32.20
White with sugar £36.70

Drinking chocolate



Vanhouten Chocolate dream choco drink


Other drinks and extras

Knorr Instant soup

Knorr chicken or vegetable
 or Tomato £34.20

Lemon tea


Fruit drinks

(12 x 25)

Tate & Lyle sugar

(6 x 1kg)

Wooden stirrers available

(1 x 1000)

Need a help?

Need 73mm in-cup drinks for your vending machine? Call Advanced Vending Services Ltd, Nottingham on 0845 430 7123