Need water coolers for your office?

Ideal for offices, schools, waiting rooms, hospitals, shops and more, water coolers ensure that your staff and clients have fresh water on hand when they need it. Look after your workers – studies show that hydration is linked to productivity and brain function, as well as ensuring everyone stays cool. Don’t worry about the cost, we’ve got great low rental rates. Get a great deal on water coolers with Advanced Vending Services Ltd.

Quality spring water chilled to perfection

We use the finest spring water from respected manufacturers Swithland Spring Water. All coolers are delivered and set up by qualified engineers who are just a phone call away if you need us.

Hot drinks and soft drinks are also available

Looking for a range of drinks machine services in Nottingham? From tea and coffee to fizzy drinks and snacks, we’ve got everything you need to keep your customers and employees refreshed and happy. For rental rates, hire information, and more, get in touch with Advanced Vending Services Ltd. Maintenance and repair services are also available when you need them, with trained engineers on call.

Need a help?

We supply water coolers for clients across the UK. Call Advanced Vending Services Ltd, Nottingham on 0845 430 7123.