A compact can dispenser

The half-height IceBreak is a compact can dispenser and is perfect as a standalone machine or a partner to the DarenthMJS table top drinks machine. Offering a complete and cost-effective refreshment solution.

Download the IceBreak product brochure PDF here.

Features of SnackBreak Mini

  • Serves a selection of 5 ice cold cans
  • Individual price setting
  • Electronic temperature control and fully automatic defrost system
  • Interfaces perfectly with the extensive range of DarenthMJS hot drinks equipment
  • Available with original and much loved display pods or new vandal resistant windows with animated LED lighting
  • Products are conveniently dispensed at waist height, so there’s no need to bend down to collect your drink

In addition to canned drinks machines, we also stock and supply in-cup machines for clients across the UK. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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